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Start Date- 07/01/14
End Date- 08/21/14

Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
CS221-L2-SU14 Persuasion and Argumentation HI223M-L2-SU14 Medieval Europe
MG311-L2-SU14 Business in Film PS226-L2-SU14 Abnormal Psychology
SO223V-L2-SU14 Social Problems

Start Date- 08/26/14
End Date- 10/16/14


Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
EN112-L1-FA14 College Writing and Research AR224C-L1-FA14 Classical Art and Human Dignity
MA112-L2-FA14 Introduction to College Mathematics EN442VG-L1-FA14 Women Come of Age
MG211-L1-FA14 Introduction to Management MG341-L1-FA14 Human Relations of Management
SO111-L1-FA14 Introduction to Sociology

Start Date- 10/21/14
End Date- 12/11/14

Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
EN113-L2-FA14 Introduction to Literature PS229V-L2-FA14 Psychology of Gender
PH224M-L2-FA14 God and the Medieval Mind AC111-L2-FA14 Principles of Financial Accounting
CS400-L2-FA14 Crisis Communication CJ113-L2-FA14 Introduction to Criminal Justice

Start Date- 01/13/15
End Date- 03/05/15

Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
AC112-L1-SP15 Principles of Managerial Accounting CJ226-L1-SP15 Police, Citizen, Community
CS222-L1-SP15 Interpersonal Communication MG340-L1-SP15 Production and Operations Management
MG211-L1-SP15 Introduction to Management MA113-L2-SP15 College Algebra (16 weeks)
SO333P(G)-L1-SP15 Global Interdependence

Start Date- 03/10/15
End Date- 04/30/15

Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
CJ227-L2-SP15 Law and Society CS232-L2-SP15 Computer Mediated Communication
FN226-L2-SP15 Principles of Finance MG364-L2-SP15 Business Ethics in Film and Literature
SO224V-L2-SP15 Sociology of the Family

Start Date- 05/05/15
End Date- 06/25/15

Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
EC211-L1-SU15 Microeconomics CJ150-L1-SU15 Criminology
HI222C-L1-SU15 Classical Civilization MA116-L2-SU15 Finite Math (16 weeks)
SS221-L1-SU15 Quantitative Methods CS/BU112-L2-SU15 Effective Business Communication

Start Date- 06/30/15
End Date- 08/30/15

Course # Course Name Course # Course Name
CJ301-L2-SU15 Domestic Violence and Law EC212-L2-SU15 Microeconomics
MG311-L2-SU15 Business in Film PS331-L2-SU15 Psychological Statistics
SH111-L2-SU15 Dynamics of Oral Communications SO334-L2-SU15 Deviance: Changing Sociological perspectives on Race, Class and Gender

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