Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice degree with a specialization in legal studies is specifically designed to provide students with an understanding of legal considerations within the three areas of the criminal justice system: police, courts and corrections. This program affords mature students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skill set necessary to thrive in today’s competitive job market. This completely online program offers students a challenging curriculum taught by experienced faculty who are committed to their students’ success. Students will benefit from the convenience of asynchronous class access while also participating in interactive, synchronous exercises. Together, these two learning strategies deliver and promote an enriching classroom experience for all students.

Program Details

Since its inception in 2008, Dominican College’s online criminal justice program was developed utilizing the same philosophy, principles and goals that have governed the existing traditional program: to provide students with the tools they need to understand the complexity of the criminal justice system while promoting personal growth and skills for future success. The program offers students a fully online experience without compromise.


The major requires a variety of courses pertaining to the essential elements of criminal justice as well as a thorough comprehension of relevant theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches used to explore criminal behavior and its permutations. It offers a multidisciplinary approach to understanding criminal behavior, the nature of law and social control, the organization and management of criminal justice agencies, and the use of research and evaluation for planned change in criminal justice.

Growth Potential

This online degree in criminal justice with a specialization in legal studies is uniquely designed to help students enter the workforce or continue to earn an advanced degree in criminology, criminal justice  or law.

  • Students receive a strong background in core criminal justice courses, such as introduction to criminal justice, criminology, juvenile justice and professional ethics in criminal justice.
  • Students will take courses specifically focused in law, including courses on criminal, constitutional and civil law; special consideration will be given to domestic violence, mental health and corrections.

Additionally, below is a list of job opportunities available, but not limited to, graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice online program. Please keep in mind that some of these careers require additional education.

  • Bailiff
  • Border patrol agent
  • Corrections officer
  • Customs agent
  • Judge
  • Police detective
  • Police officer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Security officer
  • Special agent

The Dominican College Online Advantage

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